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IT Support

The more that employees focus on real work, business is better. The IT Foundry has built a successful business helping organisations keep employees' focus off the computer and on what it can do to move the business forward. We support every byte and bit of your IT infrastructure, with best-practice options for remote and on-site assistance. And because we are not married to any one company, we deliver the right service for the right price at just the right time.

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Cloud Services

Avoid bafflement about just what the “cloud” is and why it matters. The IT Foundry helps owners decide which off-site technology is best for the business, and helps owners get the most value out of it. We work with all the major providers such as Microsoft Azure and Office 365, Amazon Web Services and Google Docs, as well as a number of niche players. But more to the point, we know how to filter through the bewildering terms and concepts to bring you a single page decision document you can feel good about.

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Disaster Recovery

If we’re honest, and we try to be always, Disaster Recovery is just as important to the business as wearing clean underwear—there may an accident. Not that we have any hard evidence to support it, our theory is that your business isn’t wearing clean underwear. A disaster will be embarrassing to everybody, and disappointing to customers.

Feel good about how the company will look to its customers after a disaster. A solid Disaster Recovery plan allows business owners to feel good about themselves and face adversity with confidence. Read on. Your mother would be proud.

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Server Virtualisation

Do you know the virtue of Virtualisation? We can help you with that. We help you see the business advantage in virtualisation, and help you save real money in the process.

We have special training to design, implement and support VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V platforms. The IT Foundry helps you add practical, strategic value to IT systems.

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Project Management

We do the heavy-lifting in migrations and relocations so you can keep the business running smoothly. Business change is hard. You need a team-player that brings practical experience and strategic value. We work with you to devise and execute a plan that serves the greater good during difficult changes and transitions.

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